Online Compendium of NPO Regulations

Online Compendium of Federal and State Regulations for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations

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Improving the Regulations

In addition to the general suggestions here, each "Current Controversies" analysis in the "Easing the Burden" section of this site includes specific actions you can take to help effect a positive outcome for a specific issue.

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You can send suggestions by email to the site administrator, Eric Mercer, at <>, or by using the feedback form.

Maintaining One of the State Pages

Each of the individual state pages is maintained by a volunteer who is familiar with the regulations for nonprofit organizations in that state, and keeps reasonably up to date on changes. This project is feasible primarily because it depends on the expertise of individual supporters. If you would like maintain one of the pages that currently has no one supporting it, please contact the site administrator at <>. A page that provides guidelines for contributors is available.

Past and Present Supporters

I'd like to thank the people and organizations who have been participating in this project to develop an online compendium of nonprofit organization regulations. They have allowed me to publish their written works online, have provided me with advice and encouragement, and more, and this site could not exist without them. I may have missed some people, and I apologize profusely if I have! Please remind me. The list is in no particular order. Please note that those listed below don't necessarily agree with or endorse my personal opinions or the other writings at this site, nor may their employers. They all share, however, a desire to better inform the general public, and those involved in the nonprofit sector, about important issues in nonprofit organization regulation and operations.

Supporting the Site Administrator

The person who administers this site does so on a voluntary basis from his own home office. Since he works for a tiny NPO, and has a commensurate salary, any assistance from the NPO community would be greatly appreciated. Some items for which support is currently needed are:

This site is not maintained as part of the services of a tax-exempt organization, but is simply a personal project, so your contributions aren't tax deductible. However, they may just make your own life easier by helping to provide a better public resource for yourself and others.


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Online Compendium of Federal and State Regulations for U.S. Nonprofit Organizations