NPO Regulation Quiz

Topic: Registration by charities before conducting a solicitation campaign.

1. How many states' laws (not counting Washington, D.C) require out-of-state charities to submit registration before asking for donations from those states' residents?


2. If a charity uses its Web site to ask for donations, and thereby solicits nationwide, must it register in every individual state that regulates charitable solicitation?

Nobody knows for sure.
Not if it has established registration in the shared database jointly operated by the states through the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO).

3. Against how many jurisdictions have lawsuits recently been filed, challenging their charitable solicitation laws and regulations as overly burdensome and exceeding the rights of state governments to control out-of-state organizations?

None, because everyone agrees that current laws and regulations are fair and necessary.
None, because charities aren't allowed to challenge government laws and regulations in court
Three: Connecticut, Utah, and Pinellas County, Florida
More than thirty, whose regulators have notified charities that their online charitable solicitations are illegal without proper registration being established in those states.

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