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This page provides links to some other sites that offer resources related to public accountability and standards for nonprofit organizations, particularly financial accountability of public charities. An additional section address the issue of Board member responsibilities and accountability. Finally, some links are provided to resources that advise donors how to give wisely. These lists are certainly not comprehensive, but should at least get you started and point you toward more comprehensive resources.

Accountability and Standards

The links in this section lead to organizations and articles dedicated to improving public accountability among nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations are given tax-exempt status on the basis of their service to the public, but the efficiency and effectiveness with which they fulfill their mission can vary dramatically depending on their operations and other activities. This is a particular concern with organizations that solicit donations and other public support. Public accountability is the condition of presenting accurate and sufficiently complete information about an organization to enable the public to evaluate whether that that organization is using its resources well. Public accountability is widely accepted as the key requirement for insuring responsible and effective nonprofit organization operation. A second critical requirement is to have reasonable standards and other tools for evaluation.

Some Organizations Devoted to Improving Public Accountability

Standards and Other Evaluation Tools

Other Public Accountability Resources

Board Member Responsibilities

In nonprofit organizations, the Board of Trustees (sometimes called the Board of Directors) represents the interests of the public or the segment of the public that the organization serves. The Board establishes policies and provides oversight to insure an organization uses its resources efficiently and effectively in the service of its mission. The links below lead to writings that describe Board member responsibilities and help Board members learn to better fulfill them.

Online Resources

Selected Print Resources

Informed Charitable Giving

These links lead to articles written for those interested in donating to charities. They aim to help donors learn how to screen solicitations, and how to help ensure their contributions have the greatest positive effect.

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